What makes Teton's popular light sleeping bags popular?

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Teton's popular light sleeping bags

Camping can be a drag, especially with the wrong sleeping bag. The great outdoors are not without a fair share of challenges, from hot days to bone-chilling nights, making picking a sleeping bag an important decision.

A renown outdoor equipment manufacturer, Teton, comes to mind when one considers a light sleeping bag. Amassing years of industry specific knowledge, Teton crafts sleeping bags with the discerning camper in mind.

First Impressions

The TETON light sleeping bags could pass for a regular mummy bag; grey with racing green or red stripes. However, they are light, comfortable, and warm with a few extras that only serve to add value.


The outer shell made of water-resistant 75d Ripstop reduces tear thus making them durable. Owing to its resistance to wear and tear, Ripstop finds use sails and tents making, and this has the benefit of preventing the sleeping bag from getting soaked in dew.

Beneath it, is the innovative lightweight and soft PolarLite insulation. This quick drying and warm synthetic fibres making for a cuddly look and feel, which has been popular among skiers and kayakers.


A drawstrings adjustable hood prevents warm air from escaping and provides a snuggly fitting cover for head and cheeks. The double brushed breathable lining feels soft on the skin

Its zippers have a draft tube that runs the entire length to prevent warm air from escaping from the bag. Since snagged zippers are a bugger, its zippers are taped and anti-snag and thus glide effortlessly.

The sleeping bag is equipped with pockets on the inside to hold an iPod, a wallet or keys.

The foot box design that allows one to lie with toes up. After a long day out on the trail, this is welcome pampering a camper on the trail and away from the comforts of home.

The hood also helps keep pillows off the ground, and the wide shoulder room is adequate to allow movement when zipping and unzipping the sleeping bag.

Dimensions and Weight

At 87” x 32” x 22” larger than average frames have enough room to snuggle down in comfortably. It is not overly big either for campers with smaller frames worried about all the extra room to heat up.

At only 2.9 lbs, this sleeping bag saves you from hauling a tonne for warmth and comfort. Portability is further enhanced since it fits into a 13.5” x 6.75” drawstrings stuff sack.

Teton's popularity is partly from their formidable reputation in the outdoor scene, especially in backpacking.

Their lightness that does not compromise on warmth coupled with durability and a superb design make Teton’s sleeping bags a choice for many campers, seasoned and newbies alike.

If you are looking into a trip to the Alps or your backyard, Teton has got everyone covered at reasonable prices; trail sleeping bags going for less than $100.

These popular light sleeping bags have been, and continue to be part of campers lives because of their durability and reliability

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